Questions to Ask an Employment Lawyer

If you believe your employer violated your employment rights then you may decide it is time to talk to an employment lawyer. Most people in Colorado fortunately will only deal with one or two employment lawyers over their career. As a result, employees may not know how to find the best employment lawyers or what questions to ask an employment lawyer during a consultation to determine if the attorney is right for their needs. There is no magic set of questions that will definitively answer this question for everybody; however, there are several topics that are common issues to consider when hiring an employment lawyer. It may make sense to ask a Denver employment lawyer about these topics to get a sense of whether he or she is right for you.

Finding Colorado employment lawyers

Before deciding on questions to ask an employment lawyer you first need to find law firms in your part of Colorado. In Denver and other major cities in the state it may be easier to find local employment lawyers. In smaller towns you may need to look more carefully for employment lawyers or hire an attorney in a less convenient location. There are many ways to find employment lawyers in Denver and other parts of Colorado. Just as there are not a master list of all questions to ask, there is no single perfect way to find employment lawyers for your needs. Consider multiple sources of research to locate and research Colorado employment lawyers.

Issues to consider when hiring a Denver employment lawyer

Once you locate employment lawyers in your area and scheduled consultations then your next step is to determine what questions to ask an employment lawyer. During the consultation the Denver employment lawyer typically will want to hear about you and your situation and discuss some issues involved with representing you and how the lawyer handles similar cases. This part of the consultation may address many of your questions but likely will not address everything you need or want to know. Remember that a consultation is usually an opportunity for both of you to interview each other and determine:

  1. Is there a reason to form a business relationship (i.e. do you have a case); and
  2. Whether you and the employment lawyer are a good fit to pursue that business relationship.

Do not fear asking important questions about topics that affect your case and the employment lawyer’s ability to represent you. Some topics you may want to cover include:

  • Billing practices
  • How you pay the attorney fee for legal services and expenses
  • The attorney’s familiarity with the issues involved in your case
  • The attorney’s experience with similar cases
  • How communication takes place with the lawyer and the law firm
  • What information the lawyer will provide you during your case
  • Objectives to accomplish throughout representation
  • What steps you need to take and what you should avoid

Remember that there is not a set list of questions or topics to cover with the Denver employment lawyer. Every client and every case is different. Important issues to address in one case may not be as important as another. You should consider topics you need to address and even write out a list of questions to ask before the consultation to make sure you cover what you need.

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