Employment Law Attorneys in Denver, Colorado

Employment law attorneys in Denver, Colorado help employees fight for their rights in labor and employment lawsuits. Employment law includes laws that protect worker rights in Colorado except those that deal with labor organizations. This includes employment discrimination, unpaid wage and overtime protections, employee benefits, harassment, retaliation, medical leave, unemployment benefits, wrongful termination and other areas of employee rights. If you believe your employer violated your employee rights then you should contact an employment law attorney in Denver, Colorado right away.

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Why are you looking for the best employment lawyers in Denver, CO?

If you’re on the search for the best employment law firms in Denver it’s likely because you have an employment law problem in Colorado. A quick search online for employment lawyers or labor law attorneys will produce a long list. How can anybody decode which are the best employment law firms in Denver, Colorado? The first employment law firm to appear on the search results might be the best employment law firm in Denver or it might be the best employment law firm at marketing. The answer to this question is likely that there is no single best employment law firm in Denver for every employee. Instead, who is the best is often better asked, “Who is the best employment lawyer in Denver for me?”

Your search may begin with a question about whether your employer’s conduct is legal. You may already think the employer broke the law and need help. This may include employee rights such as:

  • Your Colorado employer has not paid overtime pay and you believe you should receive it.
  • Your employer discriminated against you on the basis of age, race, religion, national origin, disability, sex, gender, sexual orientation.
  • You requested FMLA medical leave and your employer denied your request.
  • Your employer denied a request for a reasonable accommodation to a disability or religious practice.
  • You believe you were wrongfully terminated.
  • Your employer retaliated against you for complaining about employment discrimination or for requesting FMLA leave.

Federal and Colorado employment law is a complex area of law. Whether you are uncertain or certain your employer’s action was illegal, you should still speak with an employment lawyer about your situation. A few important facts can be the difference between a strong claim and a case that goes nowhere. How and when you present those facts can have significant effects on the success of your case. The best employment lawyers in Denver, CO can assess the facts of your claims and discuss next steps.

Best employment lawyers in Denver

Finding workplace lawyers in Colorado

Employees and employers searching for employment lawyers in Colorado often do not know exactly what labor law or employment law issue they need to address. More commonly people in Denver and other Colorado cities have a question about their job and want to find workplace lawyers who can address the question. For example, an employee recently fired from the workplace might have a question like, “Can my employer fire me for complaining about employment discrimination?

In these cases the employee may not have a good idea what kind of employment lawyers in Colorado can answer the question or what type of employment law applies. Searches for questions often lead to workplace lawyers who deal with the issue. However, simply finding employment lawyers who deal with your specific problem may not be by itself the way to find the best employment lawyers in Colorado for your situation.

Employment law generally consists of the laws that govern the employment relationship between employee and employer. It spans federal law, Colorado state law and even local laws. Employment laws protect employees and job applicants in many ways including:

Employees seeking remedies with workplace lawyers for employment law violations often must file lawsuits to protect their rights. However, employment law cases may go to mediation, arbitration, the EEOC, Colorado state agencies or the Department of Labor.

Colorado workplace lawyers

Employee rights in Denver, Colorado

An employment law attorney is an employee rights lawyer. Often people mistakenly believe there are not any employee rights in Denver because Colorado is an at-will state. However, an at-will employment state does not mean employees have no rights in the workplace. Colorado has strong pro-employee rules due in part to its long history of labor activism and largely progressive views towards work-life balance and business. Employment law attorneys primarily work under federal and Colorado labor law to protect the continued employment and pay of employees within Colorado.

Colorado at-will employment

At-will employment does not mean your employer has absolute control; but it does mean your employer has a lot of control. At-will employment pretends that the employer and employee are equal participants in a quasi-contractual relationship. The two equal parties agree to continue the employment relationship until either decides to end the relationship.

In reality, the employer has far more control over the relationship because in most employment the employee needs the job more than the employer needs the employee. It is easier for an employer to continue work without one particular employee than for that employee to survive financially without the job.

Many laws modify the at-will employment relationship in favor of employees. In an absolute at-will employment relationship the employer could fire the employee for any reason–no matter how awful. Employment law prohibit some reasons employers can terminate an employee, such as discrimination on a protected trait, for exercising a statutory or constitutional right, for requesting statutory medical leave, complaining about unlawful behavior and so forth.

An employer who violates these laws may create a claim for wrongful termination. In turn the employee may recover lost wages and other relief.

Is Colorado a right to work state?

Colorado is not a right to work state although in 2017, state legislators attempted to pass legislation to enact right to work. Right to work is different from at-will employment. Right to work states, like Texas, prohibit unionized workplaces from requiring employees join the union or lose their jobs. Employees in a union shop who do not join the union may not suffer termination for failing to join the union although they enjoy some benefits of the union’s presence. Right to work laws are one way to dilute the power of workers to work together for their benefit. As a result, right to work laws dilute employee rights.

The Colorado Labor Peace Act allows unions to create agreements with employers to require union membership; but it sets a high bar to unionize a workplace. For a union to be recognized as the representative of employees there must be two elections in which the union wins both. It must win the final election by more than seventy-five percent.

Employment law in Colorado

Wrongful termination and employment lawyers in Colorado

Wrongful termination is any termination that violates an employment law. A termination may be unfair, cruel, or based on bad information but is not a legal claim for wrongful termination unless it violates one or more employment law. This includes discharge based on employment discrimination, retaliation and harassment. Other bad firings might create a claim for unemployment benefits although no further legal claim is available. Claims for wrongful termination in Colorado may result in significant damages because the employee loses 100% of wages during the period of unemployment, in addition to other relief that may be available.

Colorado employment lawyers help clients recover for wrongful termination claims. These employment law claims generally follow the procedures and remedies as the underlying statute prohibiting the reason the termination is wrongful. Because these procedures often have specific requirements and short windows to pursue your claim, you should submit your case to Colorado employment lawyers as soon as possible.

Harassment/hostile work environment and Colorado employment lawyers

Colorado employment lawyers also help clients pursue harassment or hostile work environment claims. Not all bad or unfair work situations create a legal claim for harassment. A claim for harassment only exists when a federal or Colorado employment law creates a remedy for the hostile work environment.

Harassment claims require the conditions at work to be so bad that they fundamentally alter the conditions of the job. Harassment may arise because a manager or supervisor created hostility or took an adverse action against your job. It may also arise because the company allowed coworkers, customers, or business partners to harass you.

Harassment and employment discrimination

Harassment claims often arise as employment discrimination claims. Sexual harassment is a well known type of harassment claim; however, an employee may suffer harassment for any other protected trait. These hostile work environment claims follow the same procedures and remedies as other employment discrimination claims.

Harassment and employee rights

Hostile work environment claims may also arise from exercising an employee right or participating in an investigation of a legal violation. These include harassment for:

  • Requesting or taking FMLA leave
  • Complaining about unpaid overtime pay or unpaid wages
  • Reporting a workplace safety violation to OSHA
  • Complaining about problems with certain employee benefit plans
  • Complaining about employment discrimination
  • Participating in an investigation or hearing on employment discrimination
  • Cooperating in an investigation of unpaid wages or overtime pay
  • Participating in a union or a union election
  • Participating in an NLRB investigation of a violation of the NLRA

Colorado employment lawyers help clients stop harassment in the workplace and recover for losses caused by the harassment. Remedies for harassment claims vary upon the underlying issue creating the hostile work environment but may include lost wages, punitive or liquidated damages, out of pocket losses, attorneys fees and court costs.

Best employment lawyers in Colorado

Colorado employment lawyers and retaliation claims

Retaliation claims arise when an employer takes action against an employee for exercising an employment right, reporting a violation of law, or participating in an investigation of a legal claim. Retaliation claims include the harassment claims above but may be more direct, such as termination or demotion. Colorado and federal employment laws often include anti-retaliation claims to protect workers’ who come forward to complain about unlawful behavior or to participate in an investigation. Without anti-retaliation claims employees would end up fighting to stop one bad situation by creating another.

Colorado employment lawyers help clients fight against retaliation and pursue these claims. Retaliation claims, like harassment, follow procedures related to the specific statute that protects the underlying issue. For example, a retaliation claim for reporting racial discrimination will follow the procedures for filing a claim of racial discrimination under federal and Colorado law. (This includes filing a charge of discrimination with the EEOC and CCRD.)

Denver employment lawyer

Overtime pay and Colorado employment law attorneys

Colorado employees who are nonexempt under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act are entitled to recover one and a half times the regular rate of pay for each hour in a workweek over forty hours. Employers avoid paying overtime pay in several ways including misclassifying workers as salaried, exempt employees or as independent contractors.

Employers also avoid overtime pay by shifting work hours off the workweek or paying straight pay instead of overtime pay. Colorado employment lawyers help clients recover for unpaid overtime pay and other unpaid wage claims. Unpaid overtime pay claims can result in recovery of unpaid wages, liquidated damages, attorneys fees and court costs.

Employment lawyers for Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

The Family Medical Leave Act, knows as FMLA, protects the right to up to twelve weeks of medical leave. FMLA leave may be for:

  • The employee’s serious medical condition
  • The serious medical condition of a close family member
  • Childbirth and bonding with a child after birth
  • Bonding with a newly adopted child
  • Care of a servicemember injured in active duty

FMLA protects the right to medical leave and to return to the same or similar employment. FMLA claims in Colorado involve FMLA interference or FMLA retaliation. Interference claims under FMLA involve situations in which the employee requests FMLA leave and the employer either wrongfully denies leave or the employer takes action to prevent the employee from exercising FMLA leave.

Retaliation claims under FMLA include adverse action the employer takes against the employee for taking or requesting FMLA. This includes termination, demotion, pay cut, reduction in benefits, harassment, changes in job responsibilities or job opportunities.

Colorado employment lawyers help clients recover for FMLA retaliation and interference claims. FMLA claims can result in recovery of lost wages, liquidated damages, attorney’s fees and court costs. If you believe you have an FMLA claim then you should talk to a Colorado employment attorney right away.

Colorado employment lawyers for employment discrimination

Colorado employment law prohibits an employer from discriminating against an employee or applicant on the basis of age, disability, national origin, religion, race, sex and sexual orientation. Federal and Colorado employment law prohibit each type of employment discrimination listed except only Colorado law clearly prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Employees and applicants have the right to apply for and work in jobs equally without being penalized for traits they do not control. Prohibited acts of employment discrimination include:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Demotion
  • Failure to hire
  • Failure to promote
  • Pay cuts
  • Harassment/hostile work environment
  • Job reassignment

Colorado employment lawyers help clients file claims for employment discrimination with the EEOC and CCRD. Filing these complaints is necessary for most employment discrimination claims before filing a lawsuit. If the administrative process fails to resolve an employment discrimination claim then the Colorado employment attorney can prepare and file a lawsuit on your behalf.

If you believe you have an employment discrimination claim then you should contact Colorado employment lawyers right away. The time period to file an administrative complaint is short. Failure to file the complaint by you or your Colorado employment attorney can bar further action on your claims.

Employee rights under Colorado Revised Statute 24-34-401 et seq.

Employment law attorneys in Colorado commonly deal with Colorado Revised Statutes 24-34-401 et seq. (C.R.S. 24-34-401). This Colorado employment law statute covers many of the core protections for workers in the state. These include labor and employment law problems involving employment discrimination, unionization, privacy rights outside of work and leave of absences. C.R.S. 24-34-401 et seq. is not all of the Colorado labor and employment law but it is a highly important sect of these laws for employees.

Colorado employment law attorneys in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder and other towns understand these critical protections and how to bring claims under this employment law. If you believe you may have a claim under Colorado Revised Statutes 24-34-401 et seq. then you should talk to employment law attorneys right away.

Denver, Colorado

What is Colorado Revised Statutes 24-34-401 et seq. or C.R.S. 24-34-401?

Colorado Revised Statutes 24-34-401 et seq. can simplistically be thought of as two groups of employment laws. One deals with types of employment discrimination prohibited by Colorado law. The other is everything else, which includes a group of employee protections and rights.

C.R.S. 24-34-401 and employment discrimination

The Colorado Revised Statutes 24-34-401 et seq. prohibitions on employment discrimination closely follow federal employment discrimination laws. It is common for state employment laws on discrimination to follow federal law. C.R.S. 24-34-401 et seq. closely mirrors federal prohibitions on discrimination in employment on the basis of:

  • Age (over forty)
  • Disability
  • Sex
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • National Origin
  • Religion

Reading the federal Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 against C.R.S. 24-34-401 et seq., for example, reflects several similarities. The same is true of other federal employment discrimination laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Colorado Revised Statutes 24-34-401 et seq. also prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Federal law does not expressly prohibit this form of discrimination but many state or local laws, like Colorado state law, prohibit it.

Other employee rights under C.R.S. 24-34-401

In the second group of employee rights under the Colorado Revised Statutes 24-34-401 et seq. is a mix of employee rights that protect employees in a broad range of circumstances. These include:

  • Prohibiting retaliation for exercising a legal job-related right
  • Prohibiting retaliation for complaining about unlawful or illegal activity at work
  • Barring employers from discriminating in most circumstances against employees married to other employees
  • Protecting the right of Colorado employees to discuss wages with each other
  • Limiting an employer’s authority to terminate or otherwise discipline an employee for off-work activity
  • Protecting leave for domestic violence victims

These Colorado employee rights do not directly relate to each other but collectively represent key protections for workers.

How Colorado employment law attorneys help clients with C.R.S. 24-34-401 et seq claims

Employment law attorneys help clients with claims under C.R.S. 24-34-401 on both the employer and employee side. An employment law attorney may represent only employees, only employers, or both. This may result in employment lawyers representing clients in pursuing or defending claims of employment discrimination, retaliation, or other claims under C.R.S 24-34-401.

Claims under C.R.S. 24-34-401 often begin by filing an administrative charge with the Colorado Civil Rights Division. For employment discrimination and retaliation related to complains of discrimination, the employee files a charge of discrimination with the CCRD. This may be filed together with a charge of discrimination with the EEOC or separately with one or both agencies. If the charge does not resolve at the EEOC or CCRD then employment law attorneys pursue the claim in litigation.

If you believe you have a claim under Colorado Revised Statutes C.R.S. 24-34-401 et seq. then you should contact employment law attorneys in Colorado right away. Many claims under this employment statute require you to act within a short time period to pursue your claim. Waiting to talk to an employment law attorney about your labor and employment law problem may result in permanently losing some or all of your claim.

Who are workplace lawyers specializing in employment law?

Employment lawyers in Denver, Colorado include a wide range of attorneys. Employment lawyers generally practice on only one side of the employment relationship. As an employee you will likely hire an employment lawyer in Denver that helps employees as plaintiffs. An employer likely will only hire employment lawyers who work employer-side only.

On the employee side, workplace lawyers may come from various backgrounds. Some employment lawyers practice broadly across all areas of labor and employment law. Others practice within a few areas of labor and employment law. Some even only practice in one or two areas. They may have a strong history of practicing in employment law. Others may be plaintiff’s trial attorneys from firms that include employment law among other areas of law, such as personal injury and consumer law.

In Colorado there is no specialized certification for lawyers specializing in employment law. Any attorney licensed to practice in Colorado may practice in employment law. Some states, like Texas, have special bars for legal specialization in labor and employment law. The Colorado state bar does not certify attorneys for legal specialization in this area of law.

Lawyers specializing in employment law in Denver, Colorado

A Denver employment lawyer may help clients in one or more of the following types of employment law claims:

  • Unpaid overtime pay
  • Unpaid minimum wage
  • Unpaid wages
  • Tip pool violations
  • ERISA claims for employee benefits
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Severance agreements
  • Age discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • National origin discrimination
  • Religious discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Sex discrimination
  • Transgender discrimination
  • Sexual orientation discrimination
  • Retalition
  • Wrongful termination
  • Harassment
  • Hostile work environment
  • FMLA
  • Colorado Family Care Act claims
  • Reasonable accommodations

Finding the best employment lawyer in Denver, Colorado for you

Now that you know you need an employee rights lawyer in Denver, Colorado, how do you decide which are the best employment lawyers? There is not a single metric to answer this question. The best employment lawyers is really a matter of which employment lawyers are best for you and your situation.

Colorado employees and employers seeking representation may want to find the top employment attorneys for their case. The first question is who are the employment attorneys in Colorado. Many attorneys represent clients in labor and employment law cases. You may consider several factors when choosing the best Colorado employment lawyers. One such factor is whether you can find an employment attorney near me. The second question in your search for Denver employment attorneys is how to decide who are the top employment attorneys.

Generally there are not “top” employment attorneys in every case. Employees and employers may have different ideas about what makes top employment lawyers. An employment lawyer who is right or the best for your case might not be right or the best for others. Consider your needs among several other factors when choosing employment attorneys in Colorado.

Employment law attorney near me in Denver

People looking for the best employment lawyers in Denver, CO often begin their searches online. This is for a very good reason. Most employees in Denver and other parts of Colorado have never hired an employment lawyer. They may not even know employment lawyers exist as a legal profession. Chances are, they are employees who have never given much though to the employee rights or filing a lawsuit against an employer.

Naturally the internet is the place to begin a search for most information. Does this describe you? Most people looking for employment lawyers in Denver, Colorado have begun their first search. Now that you’ve found some results on employment law or employment law attorneys, it’s time to start thinking about how to select the best employment lawyers in Denver, CO.

Employment attorney near me” is a common search term for employees seeking an employment lawyer in Denver and other parts of Colorado. This should not come as a surprise to anybody. Location and convenience are two key factors in a search for professional help. Not just for employment attorneys in Denver, Colorado or for a labor law problem, but for virtually anything.

People typically do not want to drive across town to buy milk or a new shirt. Location and convenience are two powerful motivations for the rise of online shopping and websites offering DIY professional help.

Denver, Colorado employees are no exception. Denver traffic is pretty lousy at times which means location can be a strong motivator to want to find an “employment attorney near me” when you need an employment law attorney in Denver, Colorado. Denver, Colorado, like most major cities, has a central business district in its downtown area.

This is a part of Denver where you will find a lot of employment lawyers and other law firms because it is where many professionals and businesses are located. Although downtown is not home to many Denver residents, it is accessible by highway, streets and light rail to Union Station.

In addition to downtown, there are many law firms southeast of downtown in the Cherry Creek area. There are many professionals, including employment attorneys and doctors, in this part of Denver, Colorado. However, these are not the only areas in Denver, Colorado with law firms. Attorneys and law firms in other parts of Denver, Colorado may handle employment law and labor law claims.

Downtown Denver, Colorado

How to choose an employment attorney near me

Finding an employment attorney near me is not based on any single criteria for finding employment attorneys.  Undoubtedly location and convenience will be factors to consider. However, in most cases you will not spend so much time traveling to your employment attorney’s law firm that you will suffer much inconvenience no matter where in Denver, Colorado your employment attorney works. Significant factors in finding an employment attorney near me may include:

  • The employment attorney’s experience dealing with your employment law or labor law issues;
  • How you work with the employment attorney as a potential client;
  • The employment law firm’s reputation for employment law or labor law cases;
  • The employment law attorney’s fee structure for your case;
  • How much the law firm represents employees in employment or labor law cases; and
  • What the employment attorney sees as the outcome for your case.

Of course, these are not the only considerations for finding and hiring a Denver employment lawyer. Specific issues in your case may require you to consider different factors in your search. There is not one right set of legal concerns you must or should consider when searching for employment lawyers in Colorado. Rather you should carefully assess your needs at the beginning of  your search for local attorneys. You may even want to speak with several employment law attorneys to determine who you feel best fits your needs and case.

Best employment law attorney in Denver, CO

When seeking the best employment law firms or the best employment lawyers in Denver, CO you should consider several factors as they apply to you. These include:

  • The law firm’s reputation around Denver, CO;
  • The law firm and its employment lawyers’ expertise in the problems you face at work;
  • Also, the law firm and its employment lawyers’ history dealing with similar employment law problems in Denver, CO;
  • How the law firm communicates with you and whether you feel comfortable with that style of communication;
  • The fee structure provided by the law firm for its Denver employment law clients;
  • The convenience of location of the law firm in Denver, CO;
  • Awards, education, publications and other accolades of the law firm and employment lawyers.

Other factors in your employment lawyer search

Some factors which may not be particularly relevant that you might consider are:

  • Search placement online. Many law firms across the country spend large sums on internet marketing and search results placement. The ability to spend or spend well on marketing is rarely indicative of the firm’s experience in your particular situation. A law firm capable of spending $10,000 monthly on internet ads is probably a successful firm but not all successful firms are right for every client.
  • Free consultations. Yes, you probably think you do not want to pay for a consultation just to be told you don’t have a case. And many attorneys offer free consultations, right? Certainly. Free is great but often you get what you pay for. Many free consultations are sales pitches. You may only talk to a paralegal who forwards your case to an employment lawyer to consider. In a paid consultation you should receive a meaningful conversation about your case with an employment lawyer.
  • TV or radio advertisements. Like online ads, an advertisement does not tell you much about the quality of an employment lawyer for a client’s particular needs.
  • Super lawyers“, “best law firms” and other tags of supposed excellence. These labels are given out (and maybe paid for) by private entities that have no special power or deep review process. If an employment lawyer can buy a “best employment lawyer in Denver, CO” tag from another business then does that really mean anything? Maybe not.

Other factors you may consider have little to do with hiring Colorado employment lawyers. Some factors that should be minimally considered, if at all, in most cases include:

  • The gender of the employment law attorney;
  • The attractiveness of the law firm staff;
  • Whether the employment law firm advertises on TV, radio, etc.;
  • The attorney’s race, national origin, religion, or disability;
  • The law firm’s slogan or motto;
  • The attorney’s hobbies or family life.

What do you need from employment lawyers or an employment law firm in Denver, CO?

The biggest factor to consider, in many cases, is your specific needs based upon the problem you face. This applies to the search for the best employment lawyers in Denver, Colorado in two ways.

First, does the employment law firm deal specifically with the type of employment law issue you face at work? For example, if you have an employment discrimination problem then you might not want to hire a law firm that specializes in overtime pay or employee benefits issues. Some employment law firms specialize in specific areas of employment law. They may not even have an interest in your claim.

On the other hand, many employment law firms handle any type of employment law claim that comes in the door. In that case, consider their expertise in the issue.

Second, does the Denver employment law firm offer the kind of help you need? You may need an employment law firm to represent you in a lawsuit or EEOC charge filing because you were wrongfully terminated. You may need an employment lawyer to offer advise how to deal with an ongoing issue to prevent from becoming more serious. Or you might need a law firm to represent you in a claim against a current employer in which you want to keep the job but still pursue the claim.

Not all employment law firms offer these services. Consider whether the law firm can offer the kind of help you need when considering who is the best employment lawyers in Denver.

Best employment lawyers in Denver

Employment lawyers in Denver with free consultation

One point you may consider in your search for the best employment lawyers in Denver, Colorado is whether the law firm offers free consultations. This is a logical thought. Nothing paid for the consultation then nothing lost, right? Maybe–certainly no money is lost consulting with a Denver employment law firm in a free consultation. However, often you get what you pay for in a consultation.

Employment law firm sales pitches

A free consultation might be a free sales pitch to hire the employment law firm–if they want you as a client. You might not get much helpful advise. Of course, if the law firm wants you as a client then you likely have a claim against your employer. On the other hand, you may need help beyond just suing your employer. You might only meet with legal staff in the free consultation and never see an attorney or only see the attorney at the very end.

Questionable expertise for your employment law firm needs

A free consultation might be a consultation with a law firm desperate for employment law cases but not necessarily a law firm that has great expertise in employment law. Many plaintiffs law firms began taking employment law cases in the 2000s because many employment law claims provide recovery of attorneys fees. That was a way to collect on cases. However, many of these firms are fantastic personal injury law firms with great expertise in many trial areas. Employment law might not be one of them. Employment law claims are complex and technical. A firm moonlighting in employment law might not be the best law firm.

Free consultation = best employment law firm?

The best employment law firm in Denver, Colorado for your claim may or may not offer a free consultation. Some law firms that offer free consultations are excellent employment law firms. The difference between a small consultation fee and a free consultation may not be the difference between the best employment law firm for you. Research each law firm before contacting them to consider their merits for your needs.

Denver employment law attorneys

If you believe you have one or more claims involving these employment law issues then you should contact attorneys for employment law in Denver, Colorado right away. Many employment law claims have short statutes of limitations.  Additionally, one consideration when suing an employer for a labor and employment law issue is that some claims require the employee to first provide written notice or file a written complaint with a government agency first. This is a good reason to seek out an employment law attorney in Denver to discuss possible claims and ensure you follow the legal requirements to protect and pursue your claims.

Denver employment law attorneys are familiar with the administrative agencies that oversee employment law claims. Federal administrative agencies include the Department of Labor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) and Department of Justice. Colorado state agencies include the Colorado Civil Rights Division and Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.

Many employment law claims can follow a process through the agency rather than filing a lawsuit. Some claims must begin with an administrative process. In these cases if the employee fails to file the proper administrative claim then he or she cannot pursue a lawsuit. Denver employment law attorneys can help prevent this bar from a lawsuit.

Employment law attorneys in Denver

Hire a Colorado employment attorney

A Colorado employment attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. Nationally, employers fair well on employment lawsuits with the help of their own attorneys. Fighting an employer without the help of a Colorado employment lawyer is extremely risky. Despite what many people believe, employers are generally not scared of the publicity of a trial and often there is very little publicity. In today’s political climate, many employment lawsuits are not much worse than things people see on the news on a regular basis.

Although employment lawyers in Colorado often help clients settle lawsuits, much of what drives settlement is the expected cost of paying litigation expenses and employment lawyers to defeat the lawsuit. Without an employment lawyer on your side the employer’s legal counsel knows they will pay a lot less and are more likely to win because most employees are not trial experts or employment law experts. You know who is? Colorado employment lawyers.

Colorado employment lawyers are lawyers who help employees protect their rights to fair pay and a discrimination-free workplace. Under federal and Colorado employment law employees do not have a right to a job; but employees have the right to be paid for their work and compete fairly with other workers.

Colorado employment lawyers consult with employees about problems in the workplace, negotiate resolutions to potential claims and pursue employment law claims in courts and public agencies like the EEOC and Colorado Civil Rights Division. Below is a discussion of some of the more common legal issues Colorado employment lawyers help clients resolve. If you believe you have an employment law problem the you should contact a Denver employment lawyer right away. Many employment law claims have short time periods in which you must file a claim or complaint.

Employment lawyers for employees

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