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Denver Labor Law is a website discussing labor and employment law issues, matters involving a Denver employment lawyer and related topics. The site endeavors to explore issues under federal and Colorado employment law. Denver Labor Law is not a Colorado law firm, nor does it represent employment law attorneys in Denver or other parts of Colorado.

Denver Labor Law is not a lawyer referral service or a government agency. It is merely a website exploring legal issues relevant to Colorado employees and employers. Below are answers to common questions you may have about this website and its relationship to Denver employment lawyers.

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Is this site authored by a Denver employment lawyer?

Yes. Denver Labor Law is authored by Denver employment lawyer Adam Kielich, an attorney licensed by the Colorado Supreme Court for the practice of law in the State of Colorado and by the State Bar of Texas to practice law in that state.

However, this website should not be taken as legal advice or the substitute for consulting with Denver employment lawyers about your specific situation. A licensed attorney cannot give meaningful legal advise without the opportunity to discuss the particular facts of your situation and assess how applicable laws may apply. The only legal advise you should take away from this site is to talk to a licensed employment law attorney near you right away about any labor law or employment law problem.

Is this a website for a Denver, Colorado employment law firm?

Nope! Denver Labor Law is not a law firm and does not offer legal services in Colorado. There are many excellent employment lawyers and law firms in Colorado you should talk to if you believe you have a labor law or employment law problem.

Are you soliciting business for Colorado employment lawyers or law firms?

No. Denver Labor Law does not collect leads or referrals for labor law or employment law cases for itself or to sell or otherwise provide to lawyers or law firms in Colorado. Colorado employment lawyers have to do their own work to find clients. This website is just informational. There is no contact form or lead generation tools on this site.

Do you offer referrals to a Colorado employment lawyer?

Denver Labor Law does not provide referrals to law firms or employment law attorneys in Colorado. There are no lead generation tools on the website to collect information for referrals and Denver Labor Law provides no employment lawyers in Colorado as preferred referrals. If you are in the hunt for an employment lawyer then there are many ways to find qualified attorneys. The Colorado Bar Association is a good starting point to find referrals.

Can you rate Denver employment lawyers so I know who to contact?

No, Denver Labor Law does not rate or rank employment lawyers in Denver. There are lawyer directories and other sites that rank and/or rate attorneys in various ways. Denver Labor Law does not participate in either rating or ranking Colorado employment lawyers and does not recommend any particular rating or ranking system.

Are you really just giving away information about Colorado labor and employment law?

Yes. As stated above, there are no contact forms or lead generation tools on the website. You are not being sold any product or service. You are not being referred or encouraged to contact any specific lawyer or law firm. You are encouraged to consult with an employment or labor lawyer if you believe you have a legal problem.

The long term strategic goals for the website may include relationships with Denver employment lawyers or law firms. If that happens, the relationships will be promoted with complete transparency.

What are good websites to find Denver employment lawyers?

There are many websites listing, ranking, rating, promoting and advertising lawyers in Colorado and everywhere else. Denver Labor Law takes no position on which websites are the best for finding attorneys in Colorado or which are “good” for your search. A simple google search will give you a list of many popular directories and rating sites. It will also give you a list of attorneys who rank well according to the search engine’s metrics for categorizing website search results.

Generally the Colorado Bar Association and Denver Bar Association websites are good starting points to identify employment lawyers in Colorado.

What is labor law and employment law?

Labor law and employment law are often categorized as labor and employment law because:

  1. The relationship between the two is very close;
  2. There is no great difference between the two;
  3. Few people really know what the difference really is; and
  4. There is a lot of overlap in employment claims between the two.

Labor law regulates the relationship between an employer and its labor force as a group. Often people think of this in the area of unions and unionizing. This is a fair and accurate interpretation. Labor law definitely deals with the organization of workers into a formal union entity that bargains for the employees and enforces its bargain with the employer. However, labor law also applies when workers cooperate in an informal organization to improve workplace conditions, compensation, hours and other employment issues as they relate to more than just an individual employer-employee relationship.

Employment law addresses that individual employer-employee relationship. This includes the bulk of employment-related law and legal claims. This includes everything from employment discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation, unpaid wages and overtime pay, employee benefits, employment contracts, FMLA and other leave of absence issues as well as all other employment rights.

When should I consult with an employment lawyer?

For an employee: any time you believe your employment rights have been violated. Many labor and employment law claims have short periods in which you must take action to preserve a claim or to protect yourself from unlawful retaliation. Sometimes Colorado employment lawyers will not find legal claims to pursue but can offer advice about how to deal with a tough situation to prevent it from becoming worse.

For an employer: any time you believe a legal claim may arise or has already arisen. Often a Colorado employer’s first step in a labor law or employment law situation is to conduct an investigation. Ideally an employment law attorney should be consulted before the investigation begins to ensure it is conducted within the bounds of the law and gives the employer meaningful information to take next steps. It may be a good idea to consult regularly with legal counsel on policies and existing circumstances to ensure legal compliance.

Should I pay for a consultation or should I get a free consultation with a Colorado employment law attorney?

There is no universal right answer to this question. Several factors that explain why an employment law firm chooses to offer paid or free consultations. A Denver employment lawyer is not necessarily good or bad because he or she offers free consultations. The “right” answer depends upon what you need or expect in the consultation.

Often consultations are an opportunity for the potential client and law firm to learn about each other, the potential case and whether they are a good fit. These types of consultations may be direct consultations between potential client and attorney or between the potential client and staff or an attorney who assesses cases but is not involved in litigation. They may be brief and if an employment lawyer is present then he or she may provide little or no legal advice. This can be true for either paid or free consultations.

If you seek legal advice about your situation rather than just seeking an attorney to take your case then make sure you receive a consultation with legal advice rather than just assessment of your case for the law firm’s ability to decide whether it wants to take your case. Often these will be paid consultations.

Why is Denver, Colorado great?

Denver, and Colorado as a whole, is a great place for many reasons. Colorado offers so many different environments, communities, activities and opportunities that it has a lot to offer many people. It is no surprise Denver and other parts of Colorado are so in demand for people seeking a move. Denver offers the most urban experience in the state but with its proximity to the mountains and many other cities in the state it is not the typical concrete jungle-type urban experience.

Can I advertise on Denver Labor Law?

No advertisement opportunities are available on Denver Labor Law.

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