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Labor Law Attorneys in Denver, Colorado represent employees and employers in labor law and employment law situations such as employment discrimination, FMLA, unionization, overtime pay, break and leave issues, retaliation, hostile work environment, wrongful termination and whistle-blowing claims.

Often in labor law claims the attorneys exclusively represent one side of the employment relationship. Employee rights lawyers typically do not also represent employers and vice versa. This is true in Denver, Colorado as well as most major urban areas around the country. When choosing a Colorado labor law attorney you should pay attention to whether the attorney represents employees or employers. Employer-side labor lawyers might take your case but may not have the experience representing employees to effectively advocate for you.

This is just one of the many considerations when hiring labor law attorneys in Denver.

Labor law attorneys in Colorado

Labor law attorneys in Denver

When searching for labor law attorneys in Denver you might consider several factors in addition to their usual side of the employment relationship. This may include:

  • Whether the labor law attorney is experienced with your specific legal issue–wrongful termination, FMLA, employment discrimination, overtime pay;
  • Whether the attorney works for a large or small law firm;
  • Your proximity to the law firm;
  • How the labor lawyer receives compensation for work;
  • Whether you believe you can have a good working relationship with the attorney;
  • The attorney’s reputation (e.g. online reviews, referrals);
  • The attorney’s familiarity with the factual issues in the case, such as the industry, job duties, the employer, etc.

There is no specific rule or set of rules that govern which labor law attorney is the best for you or your case. Every legal matter is unique and each client should be treated as an individual rather than another file folder passed from one office to the next. Not every labor law attorney in Denver is going to have the right set of skills, experience, knowledge and practice style to be the best fit for every worker. It’s just infeasible.

Attorneys all have their own strengths and weaknesses. There is no harm in considering several labor law attorneys before selecting the one you feel will best act as your advocate.

Labor law in Colorado

Although many people use labor law and employment law interchangeably, these areas of law represent different aspects of the employment relationship. Employment law related to the individual employee-employer relationship. Labor law relates to the relationship between the employees as a collective group and the employer.

More specifically, labor law governs the right of workers to collectively bargain the terms of employment with the employer. That may through a union organization or informally through a group of employees.

Many employees think Colorado labor laws involve issues like breaks and overtime pay. While labor law issues may include breaks or overtime pay, these issues are more likely employment law issues rather than Colorado labor law issues.

Colorado Labor Laws Workplace

National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)

Federal labor law is primarily governed by the National Labor Relations Act and its amendments. (The Railway Labor Act governs transportation employees.) The NLRA protects the rights of workers to cooperate for purposes of improving workplace conditions, job duties and compensation. It also regulates the process of campaigning, elections and bargaining with unions in the workplace.

NLRA also establishes the National Labor Relations Board. The NLRB is a federal agency that oversees NLRA activity nationwide. Employees and employers who believe a violation of the NLRA occurred may file a complaint with the NLRB. The agency can then investigate the alleged labor law violation. Its administrative law division may hear cases of violations. You may seek a labor law attorney to represent you in an NLRB proceeding.

Colorado Labor Peace Act

Colorado has its own labor law like the NLRA. This is the Colorado Labor Peace Act. Like the NLRB the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Division of Labor investigates complaints of unfair labor practices. The Labor Peace Act establishes similar procedures for union elections and union certification. Unlike the NLRA, the Labor Peace Act only applies to Colorado. Employees who believe they suffered unfair labor practices under the Labor Peace Act should contact labor law attorneys right away.

Colorado labor law attorneys

A key consideration in your search for labor law attorneys may be the attorney’s familiarity with the legal issues in your situation. Often labor law attorneys are familiar with most or all possible claims in labor and employment law that may apply. However, labor and employment law involve highly specific legal rules and fact issues. A handful of words can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing a case. An attorney familiar but lacking real expertise in your specific issue may not be the best attorney for you.

You may be better off with a Denver labor law attorney with a deep understanding of the issues in your case. Of course, if you do not live in Denver then your search may not stop at the Denver metro area. If you live in other parts of the state then you may search for closer Colorado labor law attorneys.

Labor law attorney near me

Undoubtedly many people prefer to hire a labor law attorney near their home or workplace so they can conveniently meet when necessary. In Denver, Colorado you have more choices to search for labor law attorneys near you; however, people in other parts of the state may have more limited options.

It is not necessary to hire the closest labor lawyer you can find. With today’s technology exchanging information and documents online has never been easier. Geography is less significant for lawyers. You may want to consider hiring a labor law attorney in Colorado on a number of factors including, but not exclusively, whether the Denver employment lawyer is near you.

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