Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is a city on the front range side of Colorado immediately south of Denver on Interstate-25. It is located close to Pikes Peak and well known for its close attraction Garden of the Gods. It has a long employment history connected to the military, defense manufacturing, religious businesses, tourism and high tech manufacturing. It is the second largest city in Colorado behind Denver. Colorado Springs’ population is 465,101 and its cost of living is 105. Colorado Springs has a substantial connection to the military–especially the Air Force. Employees in Colorado Springs may find themselves in need of Denver employment lawyers or other employment lawyers in Colorado.

Finding Colorado Springs in Colorado

Colorado Springs is located south of Denver on the east side of the state. It is part of the front range urban corridor, generally extending from Pueblo to Colorado Springs and up Interstate 25 through Denver and Fort Collins into Cheyenne, Wyoming. Colorado Springs is technically south central Colorado although many consider the state divided into east and west by the Rocky Mountains. Colorado Springs and its suburbs are large enough to form its own metropolitan statistical area separate from nearby Pueblo or Denver.

Colorado Springs, Colorado employees

Key employers in Colorado Springs

Major employers in Colorado Springs include the defense industry, high tech manufacturing and tourism. Lesser but also important industries include manufacturing, religion-related businesses, military and sporting. Colorado Springs is a strategically important area for military and defense contracting due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains and its centralized location in the country.

As a result of the military presence, defense contractors arrived as major employers. They later attracted high tech manufacturing. High tech manufacturing in Colorado Springs include computing, medical technology, aerospace and of course high tech components used in the defense industry.

As a moderately large economic region Colorado Springs also contains many employers commonly found in similar urban areas including retail, hospitality, service industry, education, medical services and various city services. Colorado Springs promotes itself as Olympic City USA due to its large concentration of Olympic Games and other sporting headquarters located in the city.

Colorado Springs History

Colorado Springs’ history closely ties to its present employment identity in manufacturing and tourism. The area that is now Colorado Springs was once a popular meeting location for Native American tribes, particularly the Ute. In 1859 an American city was established called Colorado City as the capital of the Colorado territory. In 1871 Colorado Springs was established by a Civil War veteran who sought to create a resort town along the nearby springs. In 1890 gold was discovered at Pikes Peak and the once small mining camps in the area exploded, bringing massive wealth to Colorado Springs.

The town continued its mining connection and eventually became a hub for railways. Through this time Colorado Springs annexed many of its neighbors, including Colorado City.

The town’s military presence began in 1942 with Camp Carson, a small training facility for the Pacific front of World War II. During the Korean War the military presence expanded significantly. During the second half of the twentieth century the military installations expanded. They now include two Air Force bases, NORAD headquarters, Air Force Space Command and the Air Force Academy.

Colorado Springs points of interest

Colorado Springs has many things to do from natural attractions to museums and other attractions. One of Colorado Springs’ most notable points of interest is the garden of the gods. The garden of the gods is a natural rock formation on the outskirts of town. The land was donated to the city as a public park. The town is also well known for Pikes Peak, another natural attraction created out of the Rocky Mountains. These natural attractions are free things to do in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs also has many constructed attractions including the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the Air Force Academy, National Museum of World War II Aviation, and Glen Eyrie Castle. The downtown area offers a pleasant shopping experience with a number of small shops. Fun things to do at night include restaurants, theaters, and night views of the natural attractions.

Colorado Springs employment lawyers

Colorado Springs employees who suffered a violation of labor and employment law likely will seek out employment lawyers to represent them. Due to the location of the city, employees may consult with employment law attorneys in Colorado Springs, Denver, or other cities in Colorado. The city has many attorneys and perform services as employment lawyers.

However, the number of employment lawyers in Colorado Springs is not as great as Denver and it may be necessary to research attorneys in other Colorado cities to find attorneys who are a good fit for the employer or employee’s specific needs.

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