Lawyers in Denver

Lawyers in Denver can be found in virtually all of the city’s commercial areas. Most law firms in Denver concentrate in the major business areas but lawyers can be found across Denver. When seeking a lawyer or law firm to submit your case you may consider location within Denver, or even within Colorado, as one factor. Many people like the idea of being close to their lawyer’s office although they may not frequently visit their lawyer. That does not mean it is not worth considering the location of a Denver employment lawyer as part of your research for legal counsel.

Finding lawyers in Denver

Lawyers often locate their law offices in Denver like other large cities across the country. Law firms usually choose a location based on one or more of a small set of factors:

  • Proximity to courthouses where lawyers spend a lot of time
  • Location of clients to make it convenient to find them
  • Reputation earned by locating office in particular areas

It is common for lawyers to locate their offices near the courthouses, especially in areas of law where the lawyers frequently spend time in court. That makes it convenient for the lawyers but also benefits the clients paying for little or no travel time for the lawyer to appear in court on their behalf. This is common in family law and criminal defense where lawyers may spend time every day or almost every day in court. So you might expect to find many criminal defense lawyers and divorce lawyers around the courthouses in downtown Denver.

Sometimes it makes more sense for lawyers to open offices near where their potential clients congregate. That might be near residential neighborhoods or near typical worksites. Divorce lawyers often locate offices near residential areas as well so they are convenient for their clients who might take off from work for a meeting and then go home (or vice versa). Business lawyers in Denver might locate near where there are many small businesses like Cap Hill or Highland.

Additionally, some law firms establish themselves in particular areas to build their reputation. Large law firms often place themselves downtown or in Cherry Creek where they are in nice office buildings that give the appearance of success. It also places them near their business clients. Smaller law firms may also establish offices in downtown Denver or areas near downtown as a way of showing their prominence in the community.

Should I consider the location of a Denver employment lawyer?

When searching for a Denver employment lawyer you may find many located in and around downtown. You may consider location as a factor in your search; however, many people who hire a Denver employment lawyer may only meet a handful of times over the course of a case. Driving an extra ten or fifteen minutes to the law office may be less important than the lawyer’s experience or other qualifications related to your case.


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