Labor Lawyers Near Me Free Consultation

Labor lawyers near you may offer a free consultation to discuss your potential case and the labor laws that apply. Some attorneys who practice in the broader realm of labor and employment law only practice employment law or labor law. Some do both. Many people are unfamiliar with the distinction between the two areas of law. Employment lawyers may not practice in the field of labor law which deals with a different relationship between employers and employees. You may need a labor lawyer or an employment lawyer for your case. Sometimes you need a lawyer who practices both labor and employment law. You may need to find labor lawyers near me with free consultation.

Colorado labor law rights

Labor law rights deal with the relationship between an employer and its workers as a class. Employment law, by comparison, primarily deals with the relationship between an employer and each individual employee or job applicant. When people hear Colorado labor law they usually think about unions. While unionization and union activity in the Colorado workplace is definitely part of labor law, it is not the entire picture. Labor law encompasses the right of workers to cooperate to improve work conditions and compensation with their co-workers. That can be within a union setting or it can include an informal group of workers discussing these issues or pursuing them with management.

Colorado labor law governs unionization from end to end. It covers unionization campaigns, elections, negotiations and the relationship between union activity and the employer once a collective bargaining agreement exists. Union elections and representation include specific rights due to the formal relationship and contractual relationship created by the collective bargaining agreement.

What do Colorado labor lawyers do

Colorado labor lawyers who represent workers may perform various duties for union and non-union workers. Labor lawyers may represent employees in claims against an employer or union regarding:

  • Unlawful interference with unionization campaigns
  • Unlawful interference with union elections
  • Violations of section 7 rights under the NLRA
  • Violations of the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement
  • Disputes under a labor arbitration provision of a CBA
  • Negotiating with the employer to establish a collective bargaining agreement

Labor lawyers may represent Colorado workers in a variety of forums on these issues. They may negotiate face-to-face with the employer or through other negotiation avenues. The labor lawyer might represent a worker in a labor arbitration or lawsuit to resolve a dispute under a CBA. The attorney might represent the client in a NLRB charge.

Free consultation with a Colorado labor lawyer

If you believe your employer violated your rights to cooperate with coworkers to improve work conditions or compensation then you should talk to a Colorado labor lawyer. Some Colorado labor lawyers offer free consultation. Some ask for a payment to schedule a consultation. Whether the labor lawyer asks for a consultation fee is not an indication of whether the lawyer is skilled, knowledgeable or equipped to handle your case.

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