Labor Law Attorneys Directory

Colorado workers seeking labor law attorneys may review one or more directories to locate attorneys near them. Attorney directories provide potential clients with listings of local attorneys, often by practice areas. People in Colorado seeking labor law attorneys may search a directory for that particular type of attorney in the state. Today most attorney directories are available online rather than paper listings. In the past attorney directories were printed as books available in libraries or more commonly in yellow pages through paid listings. Some businesses provided ratings along with the directory listings.

Labor Law Attorneys in Colorado

Labor law attorneys in Colorado work with clients on Colorado labor law and federal labor law issues. They represent employers and employees. They may help clients with labor law issues as well as employment law issues under federal and Colorado law. Colorado labor law attorneys represent clients on issues such as:

  • Interference with or retaliation with union elections and unionization of workers
  • Overseeing union elections in the workplace
  • Arbitrating claims under a collective bargaining agreement
  • FMLA and other medical leave claims
  • Employment discrimination
  • Unpaid wages and overtime pay
  • Work schedule issues under the collective bargaining agreement

Colorado labor law issues often require claims to follow procedures in the collective bargaining agreement or under the applicable labor laws. Failing to follow the correct procedures can result in delayed resolution or losing the opportunity to pursue remedies. Labor law attorneys in Colorado understand these procedures and how to follow them to pursue resolution for their clients.

Colorado labor law attorney directory

One way to find labor law attorneys in Colorado is to search attorney directories for law firms in your area. Labor law attorney directories often provide information on the location and contact information for the law firm. It may describe practice areas, experience and awards. Many attorney directories still provide ratings which may constitute various formulas or even paid ratings.

Some of the older directories once printed and bound in books now provide information online with similar directory information. Newer directories only produce internet directories and may provide substantially more information about each labor law attorney than the older paper versions. There are many internet directories for attorneys today. Some attorney directories provide very little information and may not be as great of resources as others. Nevertheless, they may be useful to find names and contact information for labor law attorneys. That may lead you to other resources with more useful information about the Colorado labor law attorneys.

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