Labor Attorney Denver

Labor attorneys in Denver, Colorado help workers and employers deal with job issues related to unions and collective labor practices to improve the workplace condition. A labor attorney deals with Colorado labor laws and federal labor laws to resolve these legal problems. Labor law issues can be complex problems due to the specific regulation of unions and unionization under federal and Colorado labor laws. If you believe your employer violated your labor rights then you should talk to a labor attorney in Denver right away.

Colorado labor laws

Employees in Colorado generally have rights to cooperate with coworkers to improve the conditions of the workplace and compensation. This cooperation may come through representation by a formal union organization. It could also come through informal activities of the employees without a formal entity. These rights arise under federal law through the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), amending statutes and the Railway Labor Act (RLA). Workers in Colorado also have protected rights under Colorado labor laws.

Protected labor rights under federal and Colorado law include:

  • Rights to cooperate with coworkers through informal and formal organization
  • Protected activities during union elections both on and off employer property
  • Rights to be free from employer interference with elections and cooperation
  • The right to be represented by an elected union election

When an employer violates a protected labor right under federal or Colorado labor laws the workers have rights to pursue remedies for employer retaliation or interference. There may be particular procedures that must be followed to pursue remedies. A labor attorney in Denver can review your situation to determine available remedies and procedures to pursue them.

If you work under a collective bargaining agreement then you may have additional rights under the contract. These rights may include or expand statutory labor rights. It may include rights beyond those protected by statute. Often collective bargaining agreements require workers to grieve under the terms of the CBA and arbitrate disputes rather than file a lawsuit.

Labor Attorney in Denver, Colorado

Labor attorneys in Denver help employees navigate these statutory and contractual labor law issues. A labor law issue may include:

  • Statutory federal labor law claims
  • Statutory Colorado labor law claims
  • Claims under the collective bargaining agreement
  • Statutory employment law claims
  • Common law employment law claims

Labor attorneys in Denver understand how to assess these situations and determine what claims may be available to the employee. If you believe you may have an employment law or labor law claim then you should talk to a labor attorney in Denver, Colorado right away. Labor laws and employment laws often require you to act quickly to pursue claims. The collective bargaining agreement may also require you to take specific acts in a limited time period. Your labor attorney can review your situation and the procedural requirements.

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