Federal EEOC Lawyers

Federal EEOC Lawyers represent employees and applicants in employment discrimination lawsuits under federal law. Federal employment discrimination laws prohibit employers from making adverse employment decisions on the basis of a protected class. If an employer takes an adverse employment action motivated by a discriminatory animus then the employee or applicant has a right to pursue remedies against the employer. If you believe your employer violated the law then you should contact federal EEOC lawyers in Colorado right away.

Federal employment discrimination laws

Federal employment discrimination laws prohibit job discrimination on the basis of the protected classes within those laws. Adverse employment acts taken by an employer with discriminatory animus against one or more protected class violates federal employment discrimination laws. An employer’s motivation to take adverse employment actions that does not include a protected class may be unfair or a poor decision but it is not an unlawful form of employment discrimination.

Federal employment discrimination laws include:

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Section 1981 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866
  • Equal Pay Act
  • Pregnancy Discrimination Act
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • Rehabilitation Act
  • Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act

Together these laws establish protected classes on the basis of:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Gender
  • Disability
  • Age (over forty)
  • Genetic Information
  • National Origin
  • Religion

Federal EEOC lawyers can assess your situation to determine whether your employer’s adverse employment act was motivated by a discriminatory animus towards your membership within one or more protected classes. If your employer violated a federal employment discrimination law then your lawyer can help you seek remedies under these laws. Federal anti-discrimination laws provide remedies that include recovery of lost wages, attorney’s fees and other important remedies.

Federal EEOC lawyers in Colorado

Employment discrimination laws often require employees and applicants to pursue specific procedures before filing a lawsuit against the employer. Failure to exhaust required administrative procedures can result in delaying resolution or bar pursuit of recoveries entirely. This is an important reason to consider hiring federal EEOC lawyers. Under federal law most discrimination claims must first be filed with the EEOC. The EEOC has an investigation procedure you must follow in most cases before filing suit.

Employment discrimination laws require you to file with the EEOC within a stated time period–if you must file with the EEOC or Colorado anti-discrimination agency. If you miss the statutory deadline you may lose the right to pursue your claims entirely. For federal employees the time period to file claims is considerably shorter. If you are a federal employee and believe your employer discriminated against you then you should talk to federal EEOC lawyers right away. You may not have much time to delay to pursue your case.

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