Employment Lawyers Near Me Free Consultation

Employment lawyers near ,me in Denver, Colorado may offer free consultations. Employment lawyers in Colorado help clients deal with labor law and employment law disputes. The beginning step in forming an attorney-client relationship is the initial consultation. During an initial consultation the attorney and potential client have the opportunity to explore issues in the potential case. They can get to know each other and decide whether they want to form a business relationship. If you believe you may have a labor or employment law issue then  you should contact an employment lawyer near you for a consultation.

Will I get Denver employment law advice during a free consultation with a lawyer?

Often employees with employment law questions seek a consultation with a local employment lawyer. They may not have a workplace situation that they want to pursue as a lawsuit. Instead they want to know what the law is or what they can do internally to deal with a work issue. Some employment lawyers will not schedule a paid or free consultation with a person who only wants Colorado employment law advice.

There are a few reasons why Denver employment lawyers may not want to give away legal advice in a free consultation:

  • The employment lawyers want to spend their time meeting with potential clients who have cases they may want to pursue;
  • It is not a profitable use of their time to give away legal advice for free without a reasonable probability of signing a new client;
  • The risk of legal malpractice from the legal advice is not worth giving away free advice;
  • Gaining a reputation for giving away free time may clog their office with people who want free advice but do not have employment law cases.

Employment law firms are businesses who seek clients who will generate money for the client either through paying fees or by winning lawsuits that pay them fees. Giving away legal advice with little or no chance of generating revenue holds little value for the law firm. At best the Colorado law firm does not make money. At worst it loses money while the lawyers spend time doing unprofitable work.

Denver employment lawyer

Should I expect to find employment lawyers near me for a free consultation in Denver?

If you believe you have a case against a current or former employer then you should consult with a local employment lawyer. The attorney may offer a paid or free consultation for potential clients. If you only seek legal advice about a work situation then you should still talk to a Denver employment lawyer. The law firm may require you to pay for the consultation; however, some firms may schedule a consultation to see if you have a case even if you did not initially intend to pursue one. Either way, you should contact an employment lawyer near you for a consultation if you have a workplace problem.

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