Employment Lawyers Denver Free Consultation

Employment lawyers in Denver may offer a free consultation for labor law or employment law potential clients. The role of a consultation is to give both attorney and client the opportunity to learn more about each other and determine whether they should form a business relationship. Employment lawyers in Denver with free consultation may assist you with your case following the initial meeting.

What Denver employment lawyers do

Denver employment lawyers help clients resolve labor and employment law issues in Colorado. These issues may involve lawsuits between employer and employee, administrative complaints, mediation, arbitration or negotiating resolutions. An employment lawyer may help either employer or employee with a legal problem in these areas. Labor and employment law situations may include:

  • Employee benefits
  • Employment discrimination
  • Unpaid wages or overtime pay
  • FMLA and other protected leave
  • Severance pay
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Unionization
  • Wrongful termination

In a paid or free consultation the Denver employment lawyer will discuss the situation with the potential client to determine several issues. The two individuals will discuss the facts behind the situation so the lawyer can assess the legal issues potentially involved. They will have an opportunity to learn about each other and how the parties may form a business relationship. If the employment lawyer determines there is not a credible case or not a case he or she wants to take then the relationship may not proceed beyond the consultation.

Free consultation with an employment lawyer in Denver

An employment lawyer in Denver may decide to offer a free consultation rather than a paid consultation. The decision to charge for a consultation is primarily a marketing decision. Whether an employment lawyer in Colorado charges for a consultation is not necessarily a reflection of the lawyer’s skill or worth.

Law firms handle consultations in many ways. You may find some law firms offer lengthy consultations while others will only meet for a brief period of time. The consultation may be with an attorney or with staff. You may meet with staff for a period of time and then meet with the employment lawyer.

employment lawyers Colorado free consultation

When to contact an employment lawyer in Denver

There is no exact sign for the right time to contact an employment lawyer in Denver for a free consultation or a paid consultation. Ideally in any situation you would immediately contact a Denver employment lawyer for help; but your time and money are not unlimited. It is up to you to determine when you think a workplace problem is bad enough that you should schedule a consultation to discuss your case. You should not wait too long. Many employment law claims require you to act within a short period of time to pursue a claim. The longer you wait the less opportunity you may have to pursue claims even with the help of an employment lawyer in Denver.

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