Employee Rights Lawyer Denver

Employee rights lawyers in Denver, Colorado help clients deal with employment law and labor law issues. Under state and federal law employees possess limited rights in the workplace. Although these rights are limited the employment and labor laws protecting those rights give employees remedies when employers violate those rights. If you believe your employer violated your employee rights then you should talk to a Denver employment lawyer right away. Many employee rights require workers to take specific acts within specific time frames to pursue remedies against employers. Denver employment lawyers understand these procedures and can help you fight for your employee rights.

What are employee rights in Colorado?

Colorado workers are entitled to some protected rights on the job. While most Colorado employees go to work in at-will employment situations there are still rights within the workplace. For at-will employees who do not work under a contract or collective bargaining agreement there are employee rights that include:

  • A workplace and job opportunities free from unlawful forms of employment discrimination
  • Protected medical and family leave
  • Minimum wage and overtime pay unless specifically exempt by law
  • Right to receive paychecks within a regular schedule
  • Protections for employee benefit plans from employer theft and mismanagement
  • Right to request reasonable accommodations to religious practices and disabilities
  • Compensation for workplace injuries
  • Protections from certain types of wrongful termination
  • Rights to cooperate with coworkers to improve work conditions and compensation
  • Protection from employers taking adverse employment action for legal off-duty activities

These and other protected employee rights often come with specific limitations, such as application to employers of a certain size. If you believe your employer violated your rights then you should talk to an employee rights lawyer in Denver right away about your situation.

Employee Rights Lawyer in Denver, Colorado

When an employer violates a protected employee rights under federal or Colorado law then one early question to determine is whether the law provides the employee a remedy for the violation. Many employee rights statutes include remedies such as:

  • Lost wages
  • Job reinstatement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Attorney’s fees and court costs
  • Liquidated damages

Another important question is what procedure you may or must follow to pursue those remedies. Many labor laws and employment laws require the employee to take specific acts in a specific time frame. For example, many employment discrimination laws require employees or applicants to first file a complaint with the EEOC or Colorado DOLE within a limited period of time. Failure to exhaust those administrative remedies can result in losing the opportunity to pursue those claims.

Denver employment lawyers help employees pursue these claims. They understand the procedures and how to assess the possible remedies in a given situation. If you believe your employer violated your rights then you should contact an attorney right away.

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