Colorado Workplace Bullying Laws

Colorado workplace bullying laws generally include those laws that prohibit certain forms of harassment on the job. Colorado does not have a specific workplace bullying law; nor does federal law specifically prohibit bullying. However, workplace bullying may fall within harassment laws under federal and Colorado law in addition to other federal or state laws. If you believe you have been bullied in the workplace then you should talk to Colorado workplace harassment lawyers right away.

Workplace bullying and Colorado harassment laws

Unfortunately, Colorado does not have a law specifically prohibiting bullying in the workplace. However, many anti-harassment laws act as workplace bullying laws. Anti-workplace harassment laws prohibit severe or pervasive offensive conduct with an unlawful motivation, such as discrimination against a protected class or as retaliation for exercising a workplace right. Workplace bullying may constitute the type of offensive conduct prohibited under anti-workplace harassment statutes when it is motivated by an unlawful purpose. If you believe you suffered workplace bullying on an unlawful basis then you should consult Denver employment lawyers right away. Many anti-harassment employment statutes require employees to act within a specific procedure within a limited time period. Failing to satisfy these procedures can harm your ability pursue a workplace bullying claim.

Colorado workplace bullying and other legal protections

If anti-workplace harassment laws do not apply to workplace bullying you experienced then you may have to search for other legal claims against a workplace bully. Colorado law prohibits certain acts that may be involved in workplace bullying, such as assault, destruction or theft of your property and violations of your privacy. None of these civil claims broadly apply to all forms of workplace bullying but may apply to specific acts. Denver employment lawyers can assess your situation to determine what options are available to you under other laws.

Additionally, if you work under an employment contract or collective bargaining agreement then you may have helpful contract provisions at your disposal. You may be able to use contractual procedures, like grievances or arbitration, to force your employer to deal with the bullying. You may have contractual remedies holding the employer responsible for the acts of other employees. Talk to an employment lawyer about potential options under these agreements.

Denver employment lawyers and Colorado workplace bullying laws

Workplace bullying can be a difficult situation that extends beyond just making work an unpleasant place. If you believe you have been bullied at work then you should contact Denver employment lawyers to discuss the situation. Your employment lawyer can discuss the legal options available to deal with workplace bullying.

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