Colorado Employment Lawyers

Colorado employment lawyers represent employees and employers in labor and employment law issues. Employment law deals with the relationship between individual employees and their employers. Labor law deals with employees as a workforce and its relationship with the Colorado employer. Colorado employment lawyers help clients navigate problems under federal and Colorado law. These might be transactional work like drafting employment agreement or litigating claims. If you believe you need an employment law attorney in Colorado then you should contact one right away. Labor and employment law issues can be difficult and require specific actions within limited time periods. Failing to act appropriately may harm your legal position.

Colorado labor laws and employment lawyers

Colorado labor laws protect the rights of workers to cooperate to improve workplace conditions and unionize into a formal bargaining unit. They establish specific procedures for unionization and regulate the union-employer relationship. Problems may arise under Colorado labor laws throughout the process including:

  • Employees discussing workplace conditions and compensation
  • Employees communicating with unions about potential organization
  • Campaigning both on and off the workplace
  • Election procedures for unionization
  • Collective bargaining agreement negotiations
  • Grievance and arbitration procedures under a collective bargaining agreement

These and other issues can become legal landmines for both employers and employees. Contact Colorado employment lawyers if legal issues arise under Colorado labor laws.

Colorado employment lawyers and employment law

Employment law deals with the relationship between Colorado employees and their employers. Employment law deals with a one to one relationship even when it involves class actions or class arbitrations. Employment law governs aspects of the employment relationship including:

  • Minimum wage
  • Overtime pay
  • Paycheck timing, including final paychecks
  • Employment discrimination
  • Workplace safety and workers’ compensation
  • Employee benefits and other compensation
  • Workplace harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • FMLA and other family and medical leave

Employment lawyers help parties navigate legal problems in these issues and other employment law issues in Colorado. If you believe you face a problem with employment law you should contact Colorado employment lawyers right away. Many employment law issues require parties to act within specific time periods through specific procedures. Failure to follow those procedures or timetables may impair your position.

Colorado employment lawyers may help clients with problems that involve both labor law and employment law. For example, employees in a bargained unit may file a grievance for failing to approve FMLA. In this case the collective bargaining agreement governs the grievance process and falls under labor law. FMLA is an employment law that involves the relationship between the individual employee and employer. So the grievance will deal with an employment law matter. Navigating these issues can be complex; you should consult with Colorado employment lawyers ASAP.

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