Colorado Employee Rights

Colorado employees have certain rights in the workplace–even at will employees. Colorado employee rights arise from federal and Colorado labor laws and employment laws. Employee rights often include remedies to make employees whole when employers violate those rights. If you believe your employer violated your Colorado employee rights then you should talk to a Denver employment lawyer right away. Waiting to talk to a lawyer specializing in employment law may harm your ability to pursue your claims.

Employee rights under Colorado labor and employment laws

Most employees in Colorado work under at-will employment. The at-will employment relationship does not afford employees rights to their jobs. Statutory and common law protections exist through exceptions to the at-will employment relationship. These include:

  • Employment discrimination laws
  • Wrongful termination statutes
  • Anti-retaliation provisions
  • Protected family and medical leave
  • Protections for unionization and collective activity among employees

Additionally, employees have limited rights to protect their wages, benefits and other forms of compensation such as:

  • Minimum wage and overtime pay protections
  • Employee benefits protection laws
  • Payday and final paycheck laws

Employees have various other rights under federal and Colorado law. If an employee works under an employment contract or collective bargaining agreement then they may have additional employee rights under contract law and labor law. Contact a Denver employment lawyer right away to learn more about your Colorado employee rights.

Denver employment lawyers and employee rights

Employee-side plaintiff employment lawyers in Colorado help employees protect their rights and help them pursue remedies for employer violations. Denver employment lawyers understand Colorado employee rights and how to pursue remedies. Many federal and Colorado employee rights laws include specific procedures to pursue remedies. Some other civil rights laws, tort claims and contract claims allow plaintiffs to file suit without any intermediary act; however, many employment law and labor law claims do require an intermediary step.

Denver employment lawyers understand these procedures and when they apply. Lawyers who specialize in employment law help clients maneuver these procedures to pursue remedies like:

  • Lost wages
  • Final paychecks
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Pain and suffering
  • Unpaid benefits
  • Out of pocket losses

If you believe your employer violated your Colorado employee rights then you should consult with a Denver employment lawyer right away. Many employment law and labor law claims require the employee to act within a limited period of time. Failure to act within that time period can result in barring the employee’s claims. Do not delay. Speak to a Denver employment lawyer right away.

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