Civil Rights Attorney Denver

A civil rights attorney in Denver, Colorado may represent clients in a wide range of civil rights cases. Civil rights include the rights to political and social freedom and equality. Some people think of civil rights in a limited scope of racial discrimination; however, civil rights includes all forms of invidious discrimination and fair treatment under the law. Within civil rights are the rights under labor law and employment law within federal and Colorado law. When employers violate these laws they violate a worker’s civil rights. Denver employment lawyers are civil rights attorneys in Denver, Colorado.

Labor law and employment law are civil rights laws

A person’s ability to fairly access the labor market and receive wages for work performed is a civil right in Colorado. These include rights to:

  • A workplace free from unlawful forms of employment discrimination
  • Opportunity to fairly compete for jobs free from employment discrimination
  • Cooperate with other workers to improve workplace conditions and compensation
  • Receive fair pay for work
  • Receive benefits as a form of compensation and not have the employer run off with the financial support for the benefit plans
  • Report unlawful practices without retaliation
  • Go to work free from harassment for a protected class or status
  • Exercise statutory rights at work without interference or harassment

There is a reason employment laws and labor laws prohibit employers from violating these rights and provide meaningful remedies to those bad acts. If you believe your employer violated your civil rights at work then you should talk to a Denver employment lawyer right away.

Denver employment lawyer is a civil rights attorney

People usually think of civil rights attorneys as those who deal with police brutality or racial discrimination against consumers. While these definitely are examples of civil rights attorneys, they are not the only ones. Civil rights attorneys help people with a broader range of protected rights. Attorneys who work in these fields protecting individuals and their legal rights are all fairly considered civil rights attorneys. A Denver employment lawyer who represents workers in labor law and employment law issues is a civil rights attorney.

Even among other lawyers there is a tendency to think of civil rights attorneys as representing a limited range of civil rights. Labor law and employment law are taught so infrequently and with so little importance in many law schools that a concerning number of lawyers have little to no knowledge of the rights involved in one of the most important relationships in a person’s life.

If you believe your employer treated you unfairly in the workplace or violated your civil rights then you should contact a Denver employment lawyer ASAP. Many employment law and labor law claims have short windows in which you must take certain steps to protect your rights.

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