Business Lawyer Denver

A business lawyer in Denver assists Colorado companies with a wide variety of business legal needs. One important area where businesses often need legal advice and representation is in labor and employment law. As an employer, a Colorado business is immediately subject to many federal and state employment laws. Depending upon the size of the business, additional laws may apply. Navigating the web of laws governing the employment relationship is not always easy. Hiring a business lawyer in Denver can make navigating those laws easier for an employer.

Denver, Colorado business lawyers for labor and employment law

The role of business lawyers for employers in labor and employment law disputes differs from employment lawyers representing employees. Business lawyers help their clients from before a client arises by advising them on developing policies and procedures to avoid creating legal problems by:

  • Advising and drafting employment handbooks
  • Drafting employment contracts for executes and other contracted employees
  • Advising on management and HR practices
  • Advising and conducting investigations of potential claims
  • Advising clients on pre-suit settlements of claims

However, no matter how well a business lawyer advises an employer claims may still arise. In these situations the business lawyer’s role changes from advising to representing the Denver employer in the dispute. The Denver business lawyer might advise the business to settle the claim and represent the company in negotiations. If negotiations are unsuccessful the business lawyer may represent the employer in a lawsuit or other proceeding.

Hiring a business lawyer in Denver

Businesses seeking a lawyer to help with labor and employment law issues may consider hiring lawyers from several types of law firms. They may seek lawyers that deal exclusively with business issues but do not specialize in any particular areas; or they may hire business lawyers with expertise in a particular area of business law even if it is not employment law. Still other businesses may choose to hire a full service law firm that has attorneys skilled in many areas of law. Some employers hire law firms that specialize in employment law and labor law issues exclusively to deal with their employment issues. Some law firms have greater experience working with businesses in certain industries as well.

There is no perfect answer for which law firm or lawyer is the right one for every employer. Businesses in Denver and other parts of Colorado have their own needs and interests. What works for a large manufacturing plant in north Denver might not be the best solution for a small dental practice in Cherry Creek. Business lawyers in Denver capable of dealing with general business or employment issues may not be well equipped to represent the business in litigation and vice versa. When hiring a business lawyer in Denver the company should consider its needs and how a law firm or lawyer can best help fulfill them.

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